The year was 2001. ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Shrek’ dominated on the big screen while ‘Sex & The City’ and ‘The Sopranos’ ruled the small screen ratings. Janet Jackson’s ‘All For You’ enjoyed a long run on the charts. Apple Computers released the innovative ‘Ipod’! It was also the year Sound Travels was born.

The intention was to create a unique service orientated travel agency, catering to niche entertainment industry clientele (film, tv and music) and associated creative businesses, as well as select VIP individuals.

Sound Travels embarked on its journey in 2001, and within the first year, we were orchestrating our first major music concert tour of New Zealand featuring Robbie Williams, captivating sold-out audiences and setting unprecedented ticket sales records nationwide. Since then, Sound Travels has evolved and diversified its portfolio to cater to a wider array of sectors. Our unwavering passion drives us forward and we have worked on countless music tours, including Coldplay, TV Series and feature films such as ‘Z For Zacariah’ with Margot Robbie and the Emmy-nominated ‘Sweet Tooth,’ as well as an expansion into luxury holiday travel, encompassing everything from African safaris to expedition cruising or luxurious getaways to the Maldives.

Acquired in December 2023, Sound Travels is now powered by the award-winning travel management group, TAG. We provide the same dedicated team with an even more exceptional global service.


Established in 1988, TAG (formerly known as The Appointment Group) has become one of the world’s leading travel and event management companies. Since day one, they have established themselves as a high-end, service-driven company, committed to meeting the needs of a diverse marketplace. TAG has presence in 19 locations worldwide, across six specialist divisions—touring, production, corporate, investment management, events and private travel.

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