Feature film and tv production travel co-ordination is often demanding and requires a cool head. We understand these industries particularly well and the constant battle of blending creativity and commerce with every project!

Lights, Camera, Action!

We work closely with executive producers, producers, production managers, production co-ordinators within film related industries

  • No stress travel planning and logistics including:
    • All air travel movements (incl air charters and helicopter transfers)
    • Accommodation requirements (including long term rentals)
    • Transportation (rental cars/coaches/chauffeur drive and security)
    • VIP Airport assistance from airport gate and fast track customs/immigration processing and special access for convenient and discreet vehicle parking at airports.
    • Special negotiated ‘entertainment’ rates with hotel operators, including long term stay rates
  • Negotiated ‘entertainment industry’ airfares for overseas originating travel to New Zealand
  • Comprehensive inbound travel insurance cover for temporary travellers to New Zealand
  • 24/7 travel concierge