In a world obsessed (or perhaps plagued) by Kardashian plumped lips, heavy contouring and artificial body shape, instead take the French beauty approach and nail that certain je ne sais quoi!

1. Drop the Base

Ditch the foundation and contouring and give your skin some breathing space! The French believe in au natural so let your skin be your best feature. Girls are taught from a young age to invest in quality skin care products and a consistent facial regime. Make up is the icing on the cake…oh and drink plenty of water.

2. Give some lip

The only makeup essential you’ll ever need is of course, a red lip! Find your signature shade and make it your trademark and a fashion accessory!

3. Crowning glory

Healthy, shiny hair and a great haircut is essential, and a slightly slept in or tousled look, with little need for lots of styling products. French women will schedule hair appointments the day before they need to look good so it’s not too perfect.

4. Smoke gets in your eyes

A smudged smokey eye using just one product and blended with your finger to give an uncomplicated slept in look. Or maybe just go to bed without taking off your eye shadow (shock, horror!).

5. Moderation is everything

The key is balance in all aspects of life and about what you put in your body. A smokey eye with a nude lip, high street mixed with designer labels. Eat small organic portions as much as possible, and don’t say no to a glass of champagne or to that divine crème brûlée dessert! After all, to be loved and admired for your joie de vivre is not to deny yourself!

Dior…Couture King. Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria have scored the ultimate coup again, by playing host to the prestigious retrospective exhibition ‘The House of Dior – Seventy Years of Haute Couture’, making this a perfect opportunity/excuse for a blockbuster, fashion getaway!